How do you feel about visiting the city centre?

How Busy Is… is here to help you feel safe and prepared when visiting your city centre. You have access to still images updated every five minutes from Northumberland Street and Grey Street, live data on car park capacity, links to transport information, and up to date rules and safety guidance from NE1, councils and government.

The platform was built in collaboration with Newcastle City Council, NE1, Newcastle University’s Research Software Engineering team, and hedgehog lab, using data from the Urban Observatory, and data analytics from National Innovation Centre for Data.

The traffic light status is based on footfall data from Northumberland Street only, generated by cameras using computer vision technology. The information is transmitted back to the Urban Observatory and the website is automatically updated using the data collected. The footage is not routinely monitored. More information is available in the Urban Observatory's privacy statement.

How Busy Is… was 1 of 11 funded collaborative projects through the MHCLG Local Digital COVID-19 Challenge. Research was conducted by hedgehog lab with people all around the UK who gave valuable feedback and insight into what they would like to see on this website.